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​Documentary 2014/111min/Stereo/16:9/HD


Film director and actor Shingo Ota, known for his highly acclaimed documentary facing his friend's suicide, The End of The Special Time We Were Allowed, now tackles social problems by depicting youths in the worst slum in Japan. It was filmed with local support in some of Osaka's roughest areas, using a semi-documentary approach to capture the lifestyles of their inhabitants. With Fragile, Ota is determined to show that poverty, illness, and crime are problems of our own, not someone else's.

  • Director/Screenplay/Editor : Shingo Ota
  • Executive Producer : Hidetoshi Katori, Kotaro Date
  • Producer : Ryohei Tsutsui
  • Associate Producer/Line Producer : Akinobu Kawatsu
  • Cinematographer : Kentaro Kishi
  • Sound Director : Ryoma Ochiai
  • Music : abirdwhale
Shingo Ota
Dai Motoyama
Uta Kohaku
Haruka Yamaguchi
Ryo Sato
Masashi Aoyama
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