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Documentary 2009/58min/Stereo/4:3/SD


  • Director: Shingo Ota
  • Cinematographer: Ryo Iizuka Music:Hiroko Arakaki Adviser: Akira Nagae
  • Cast:Yoshitaka Mori, Erika Ishikawa, Mariko Tsubota , and more..
After staying indoors for two years, young man decide to live his own life not be dependent on his family.But he can’t get a job easily by the depression.In addition to that, he was overprotected by his parents so he can’t understand what he want to do. These scene left a strong impression of the painful (and painful to watch) struggling of today's young Japanese people who must move forward in life even if they are not mature enough to do so.
Film Festival>
  • ・the International Festival for Arts and Media in Yokohama(2009/JAPAN)
  • ・24th IMAGE FORUM FESTIVAL (2010/JAPAN) ※excellent prize
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