ABOUT US|青の​洞窟 Aono-Dokutu​ Inc.​

青の​洞窟 Aono-Dokutu​ Inc.​

青の​洞窟 Aono-Dokutu​ Inc.​


“Aono-Dokutu​ Inc. ”is a production company founded in 2013. We produce and distribute mainly the works of Shingo Ota but also the works of emerging filmmakers of Japan and others. We curate and coordinate various film related events and projects.
  • Company Name:青の​洞窟 Aono-Dokutu​ Inc.​
  • Address:#601,PAO COMPOUND,2-25-6,Higashi-Nakano,Nakano-ku,Tokyo, 164-0003,JAPAN
  • Company executive:Hidetoshi Katori

What we do:

  • Production: Films, Music Videos, Commercials, Televisions, etc.
  • Curation: Exhibitions, Events, Film Screenings, etc.
  • Artist Management: Shingo Ota(Filmmaker, Writer, and Actor)
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